Devlog 08-2020

Hi guys and gals,

I have been silent for some time here and on Twitter. But that doesn't mean the game's development made no progress.

First of all big thanks to everyone who posted or send me their feedback. It was really helpful and I hope you all will see some of the things being implemented once the update goes live.

I want to give all of you who downloaded and enjoyed the demo of Colmen's Quest a quick summary of what I did in the meantime:

  • New skills
  • Inventory tabs for each item type
  • New "Mark for sale" feature
  • New Waypoint travel system
  • New outdoor level(s)
  • New enemies
  • Real minimap as overlay
  • New dusky ambient shader in outdoor areas, including the village
  • Updated character move animation
  • Updated village level
  • New training dummy in the village
  • General balancing adjustments
  • Balancing around Strength-based builds
  • A bunch of bug fixes!

As you can see there's a lot new stuff coming to make Colmen's Quest more comfortable and enjoyable. Some features like the waypoint system were necessary for multiple locations to work out. Town Portals still exist but they will be temporary and not persisted anymore when you die or continue a saved game. With these changs the travel system will be more like Diablo 2 and not like Diablo 1.

The work that remains until I can release the new update is this:

  • Add story and quests that connect the new locations
  • Add more side content and stuff to discover
  • Decide if all this will be available in the free demo or in an early access paid version
  • More minor tweaks and fixes

Feel free to post your thoughts on this devlog right below :)

Thanks for your support and have a nice weekend everyone!

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Can't wait to play the new update man! Keep up the awesome work

That is a juicy list of updates. Looking forward to hopping back in and experiencing the new content! :)