Release Day!

Hi everybody,

today is the day! Colmen's journey finally comes to its conclusion.

The last chapter has just been added to the game. It contains a new location and Colmen's final encounter!

I've also spend the last day putting together an epic release trailer, that hopefully gets you in the perfect mood to slash some monsters.

A BIG Thank you!

... to everyone who supported me during the last 8 months of development! It's been a really wild ride and I wanted to do a game like this for years. It feels so good to finally finish something. Even if not everything I had on my list is included in the current game, it's still a version I am very proud of. Many of you guys encouraged me with amazing feedback, donations or sheer fun at playing Colmen's Quest. Thank you!

Did you donate during pre-alpha?

Wow, you're breathtaking!
If you send me a mail ( from the account that's connected with your payment, you shall receive a download key for the release version!

What's next?

If there are bugs or critical balancing issues I'll do my very best at fixing them.
Everything else is depending on the game's success in terms of feedback, sales and my time. I'll keep you posted in one of the next devlogs.

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