1 Year Anniversary and What's Next

Hey folks,

I haven't posted here in a while, but this week marks the first anniversary of Colmen's Quest and I want to celebrate that with a 100% off sale.

Hopefully some more people find their way to play this game and have the same fun as most other people already had. I'm very happy with how Colmen's Quest turned out, especially since it's been the first real game I was ever able to release.

Since a couple of months I'm now working on a spiritual successor. To put it short: It's still a similar turn-based RPG experience, but in a world populated by animals and huge insects.

All tips that are made during this sale will be spend on assets for this next game.

Untitled Turn-Based RPG

If you're interested in how the development is going you can follow me on Twitter where I post updates every now and then.

I'm looking forward to post more infos about it here once I have a gameplay demo ready.

Until then, stay safe and keep on gaming!

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Yay, fantastic! Good luck with the other game. I love Colmen's Quest and I am very happy to see you are working on another game :)


Thank you so much! Makes me really happy that you had fun with Colmen! Will try my best to top that with the next game 😊


what engine or langue was colmens quest written in?


It's a self-made engine written in JavaScript (ReactJS).

If you're interested in this topic you can learn more about it here: https://github.com/coldi/r3f-game-demo

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thanks for being transparent and great game, engine is smooth and play is great.