Update Build 6.7.16

This update primarily focuses on your Perception stat. It introduces traps, hidden doors and a new camera shaking effect when you or an enemy lands a critical hit.

Important: You need to start a new game with this update! Your old character will not be available anymore.

Here's the full list of changes:

  • Add traps to dungeons
  • Add hidden doors to dungeons
  • Both doors and traps are detectable with an high enough perception value
  • Add Potion of Awareness which gives a temporary perception boost
  • Add shrines with random 'blessings'
  • Shake camera on critical hits:
  • Adjust crit chance calculation
  • The 'level up' indicator now shows the available stat and skill points
  • Put some Giant Rats into crates
  • Add an improved staff to the Druids shop
  • Scale level of summoned minion with the current player level
  • Increased HP of Spider
  • Add experimental 'zoomed out' view when pressing the tab key
    • This might give you a better overview of the discovered map until a real minimap gets implemented

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