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A turn-based RPG that is action-oriented but rewards a thoughtful approach. Explore a fantastic land populated by different animal tribes. Follow the main story or hunt for treasures in ancient ruins and mysterious dungeons. Develop your character and gain powerful equipment.

The gameplay is inspired by classic Hack & Slays like Diablo and turn-based RPGs like Rogue's Tale or Stoneshard. However there is no permadeath in this game. Your progress is always saved once you enter a new area.
The lore is inspired by the classic point & click adventure Inherit the Earth.

As you explore the land, you'll gain experience and unlock new abilities. Not all inhabitants will be friendly to you. Some will help you with information, others are only interested in trading, and still others will get in your way.
Improve your equipment and collect useful resources in the environment to have a decisive advantage in battle.


  • Turn-based Combat that allows for quick action or strategic planning
  • An open world with lots of places to discover
  • A fresh, animalistic setting in a vibrant pixel art look
  • Procedural generated dungeons and caves
  • A main storyline and various side quests
  • Classless character development with many abilities to unlock
  • Equipment of different qualities and unique items with special powers
  • Hunt giant bugs or gather herbs and other useful resources
  • Many enemy types with different skills that may require tactical decisions
  • Trade with rats and other profit-seeking animals
  • ... and much more to come!

Development & Feedback

The demo is currently not available and the full game is still under development.

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I hope this game will be on GoG soon :)


Had the chance to try this beauty of a game. Really well done foran early project and excited to see how far it can be taken. The difficulty is enough to make you really think about how you wanna approach everything. I need to give it a second go and see if I can't beat the demo totally. 


I killed the bear, i won!

Now for real: Really love the simplicity, hope for nice level design and a good storyline!

Had some fun playing, but got kinda lost. Went to the east and found the spider nest but didnt really know where to go from there... I see from the screenshots theres defintly more, but just didnt know where to go next lol! I see there was an update shortly after i recorded my video, so if none of what I said really applies anymore then, oh well! Still had a fun time, made me want to play Stoneshard again! Hope you enjoy the video! 

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what is use for stamina (green bar)?  
I'm  playing with a bow and see no use of stamina so far.

edit: nm found it is used after progressing further into "Missing in action" quest

Thanks for the great game!


Watched Nookrium's look at this game, which led me here. You have foxes and play as one (player character doesn't appear to be female, but c'est la vie). You are inspired by and reference Inherit the Earth. Definitely going to play this one.


❤ for everyone who remembers Inherit the Earth!


If you beat the bandit camp (1 cell south of the village) before you talk to Sid. You can't get the Stolen Herbal when you come back :(


Don't worry, this is not the bandit camp you're looking for :) There's more!

Nookium played it:

I tried it and found a few bugs:

Game crashes when picking up loot landed at the edge of the map.

Stats are not always calculated properly when equipping/unequipping stuff, I saw: Dexterity 2.


Thanks for reporting!

Will look into this!


Looks nice! Like a cute version of Stoneshard.

are there Dergs or reptiles?


What's a "Derg"?

a dragon its furry lingo 

veryy nice!


Are there otters?


Not in the demo.

Full game? Probably yes! :)


Hmm. It kind of looks like the characters are floating over the map, rather than being part of it.

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he has to cut the bottom outlines. and it will look a little better . and it has the level of details.  when you see 1 thing super detailed at side of a little detailed. you will feel that are from 2 diferent artstyles/games. 


can you make it deranged and detailled like cataclysm dark days ahead?

This game looks fun, may I ask what is the programing language you used to make this?


Thanks! I'm using Godot Engine with C#.


okay that is awesome 

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That is awesome.  Godot is a great engine, and you've used it well here so far.  Nice work.  Looking forward to acquiring the full game.  Also, thanks for the Linux native build.  Much appreciated.


Nice Game


The game looks awesome! <3


Looks good, can't wait to see more fantasy elements, if ever, are we allowedto mod this for certain content uwu


Hi, there are no plans for modding right now.

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What time period does the game takes place in? Haven't played yet, but the game looks incredibly fun, immersive, and engaging; however, the green shirt and brown trousers advertised on the main page leads me to believe that the main character befell to Isekai, as if they teleported from our modern world. Can anyone please confirm or deny my suspicion? Thanks.


Can confirm the game is incredibly fun and there is no time travel.


Just downloaded and played the demo, I gotta say that looks so cool, especially the neat RPG section. I gotta say the bonfire meditation - learning skills interaction can be moved, from +/- button to directly touching to the skill icon as a button.


I haven't finished the demo yet but my first impressions are definitely good. Nice clean UI, interesting world setup, I'm liking the combat + it does look like there will be quite a few build options down the line. I will be playing more soon! 🦊


I enjoy the graphics as well.  The stop motion styled animation like say Southpark or shadow puppets looks great here. :-)


I think this is a really interesting start. I think once magic is implemented it will really open a lot of doors. I love the style and I think the gameplay itself is fun, though it took me a little bit to figure out the controls (especially picking up items lol). I think the RPG systems are simple and enjoyable and the combat is hard but satisfying. Movement is a bit difficult sometimes and I think it needs an easier "return to town" feature than the super expensive orbs.

I really think one thing that is lacking most is the option to choose your character's species rather than just being locked into fox, especially since the boar and bear designs are so adorable. I really think that is a bit more narratively necessary given the "different animal tribes" theme of the world and even game description.


Hey, thanks for your feedback! I'm happy you had fun with the game so far!

Fast travel between specific spots in the world will come eventually. Once the world grows in size :)

I agree that choosing your character's species would be great and I'd love to do that. However it requires a lot of work with a completely different kind of storytelling. So right now the focus is really getting all the core mechanics in the game and then, depending on the popularity of this demand, reconsider character customization.

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Magic isn't the only thing, for there are also miracles.  The supernatural doesn't have to be annexed to witchcraft.

Much love!

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Played the demo for like 3 hours, and it was super fun! The Pixel art it's very beautiful, the turn-based mechanics and the different ways to play your character (melee/range and others coming soon!) are amazing, the cinematic at the start introducing the world is amazing as well, I'm really looking forward to the full game, you have to try it out!


I took the time to download and play through the demo.  To be quite honest, for me the time seemed to slip away, as the demo is probably a couple hours of play, but went by really fast.  I never quite felt like I was grinding through an RPG, even though I was.  I was very engaged with the character progression tree, I liked how it was organized and planned out.  The demo doesn't get too deep into the story, but left me very curious where the conflict was heading to.  There are a lot of mechanics in this game that lends itself to letting  me believe the author of this title is a true fan of RPG games, and thought beforehand on different takes to solve common tropes of RPGs.  The level designs are setup in a manner where I desired to explore every nook and cranny of each submap.

This title I will come back to for sure, and look forward to the full story that will scratch that itch that always keeps me looking for the next new exciting title.  


LOVE! Thank you so much! So happy you're enjoying the game!


Had a chance to play a couple versions of the demo and I can say it is truly becoming an awesomely FUN little game! As a big fan of turn-based games (OBV) it scratches that itch perfectly, with quick and fluid movement/combat, and it also taps into the RPG desire to explore and discover things on your own. You can build your little fox in a few different ways - melee, ranged, or magic or sneaky stuff (no magic or sneaky in the current demo tho). It is also a nice change from the typical fantasy RPG tropes of elves and devils, with a cool intro that sets the world up nicely (I seriously love that intro). The dev still wants feedback so feel free to comment after playing or even better sign up for the discord after giving it a go! He's very responsive and I've appreciated how much I feel a part of the development process so far. Honestly, it's a free demo! You have no excuse not to...

I downloaded the demo to play later.  This looks great, and the pixel graphics are my jam.


What a delightfully looking game! And I really appreciate the absence of permadeath (I just can't cope with that feature). I'll give your demo a try very soon. :)

by the way: Is that Riff the Fox somehow related with the one from Inherit the Earth? ;)


Oh my god, someone remembers this gem of a game and then your avatar! ♥

Yes, the game world is inspired by Inherit the Earth. You'll also recognize it right in the beginning 😉
The gameplay not so much, however.

Have fun and let me know what you think!